• CFM Students

    Every Thursday the students in the CFM Program meet together to hear from someone in the field of CM or FM.

  • Learn Advanced Design Methods

    Learn to design structures using advanced methods, including the lastest in BIM.

  • Learning for the Long Haul

    Building is only the first step. FM students learn about the lifecycle of structures and how to best maintain them.

  • Be Taught By Working Professionals

    BYU Students have the privelege of learning from professionals.

  • Go Behind the Scenes

    Ever wondered what it takes to make to ensure a college football game runs smoothly? Curious to know how it's possible to heat an entire New York City skyscraper in winter? FM students learn how to manage these exciting behind the scenes challenges.

  • Collaborate Construction Procedures

    BYU CM students do team projects, as well as national and regional competitions, to help gain experience in applying collaborative construction procedures.

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