Why FM?

What is FPM?

Facility and property management (FPM) is the development and management of all types of real estate, facilities, and properties from original design and construction, through the different phases of occupation, including remodeling, to the final demise of the property. FPM is a cradle-to-grave stewardship to manage the real estate to fulfill the purpose for which it is intended.

This program prepares students to be part of the administrative/supervisory team in the increasingly complex world of facilities and property management. A facilities and property manager combines leadership, financial, and technical knowledge in fourteen areas:

  1. Space Planning and Programming 
  2. Construction Project Management 
  3. Building Systems and Infrastructure 
  4. Operations and Maintenance 
  5. Energy Management 
  6. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility 
  7. Safety, Security, and Disaster Recovery 
  8. Standards, Laws, and Regulatory Compliance 
  9. Leadership and Administration 
  10. Finance and Funding 
  11. Real Estate 
  12. Property Management
  13. Event Marketing and Management
  14. Process Technologies