NAHB Scholarship

Dear BYU NAHB students,


I was recently reminded that it's scholarship time again, & if you would like to participate in the NAHB scholarship program, now is the time to apply!!


Here at BYU, we've not had many people apply, but that can change with your application!  Let's make BYU's CM program, and the BYU Student Chapter of the NAHB stand out, be seen, and be noticed!


Here are a few of last years' scholarships - you'll notice that they are from all across the country, male & female, older & younger, etc.  Next year, YOU can be on this list, but you have to apply today!


Did you know that you are currently registered as Student Associate Members of the NAHB?  Here are some of the benefits you recieve (other than our local regular events: pizza lunches, roundtable discussions with local builders, service projects, and job walks)!


One last thing - We will be having presidency elections for the next school year soon - you can participate, lead, plan, and guide next year's BYU Student Chapter of the NAHB!  Think about it - the elections will happen soon, so be prepared to raise your hand and step forward as a candidate!


Margaret Weddle

VP, BYU Student Chapter of the NAHB