Quatere Cohorts Program

Our formal kickoff is Monday, February 13 at 6 PM at UVU BRC. Details here


Quatere Cohorts Overview

True entrepreneurship is elusive. Many who claim to be entrepreneurs do not have the skills to be successful or the coachability to learn. More importantly, many of the creative class (artists, designers, architects, engineers and similar) do not self-identify as an entrepreneur.

Quatere Cohorts Program

We identify promising creators of value and help them be productive. We organize them in focused groups to create opportunities, evaluate those opportunities and determine whether they fit their own skill sets. In this business inception program we teach precision execution, hypothesis testing, reporting and proper governance to our participants.

Specifically, our participants produce an objectives and key results (OKR) document for their idea. Weekly they record their past progress, document new plans and identify problems. They evaluate their progress and review the corresponding documentation of their peers. With these peers the participants learn to run a short management meeting once a week amongst themselves. Bi monthly they have a project review with mentors where they learn planning, reporting and proper oversight. They also learn to run effective meetings – short, focused and objective driven.

Social events are run by the participants themselves and are education focused, designed for the current problems that the entrepreneurs encounter.

The ongoing program builds a powerful network. Participants in programs frequently reorganize their ideas and companies amongst their cohort peers. Alumni usually mentor newer entrants. Graduates frequently hire peers and newer members. We provide our participants with a map of local, national and international resources. These resources get leveraged in events, curriculum and mentors.

Our program is resource light. Our participants run our programs, plan our educational events and identify needed curriculum. Our events leverage local, national and international experts. These guest speakers also build the entrepreneurship curriculum. Alumni select the next participants in the program.

For new regions we provide a set of openly published documents and best practices to build their program. Frequently our alumni visit these new programs to coach the new directors. Sometimes our alumni become directors when they move to new regions and build programs of their own. Sometimes we provide money for these programs but typically they become funded by the region. We build a set of tools to help directors manage their programs and to help us measure their success.

We also produce field shaping research in entrepreneurship which supports our other programs.



Quatere’s business inception program is designed to improve the capabilities of its individual participants. Although specific company results are secondary, they are still exceptional:

Between May 2010 and November 2015. alumni from more than 300 participant teams and a dozen Utah cohorts have generated more than $270M in revenue, employing hundreds of additional employees. Some of these companies accept financing and several have been acquired by large private firms.

We have more than 450,000 views of our online curriculum and remote instances of our business discovery program in a half dozen cities.

Summary results are made publicly available. Detailed aggregate results are available to sponsors and partners. Detailed results for each cohort are available to cohort and academic sponsors.


Economic Freedom for individuals through entrepreneurship.


Implement, measure and continually improve the most successful and innovative entrepreneurship program. Understand and leverage local ecosystems. Where needed, install successful syndicate programs in those regions. Build a program that can run independently in regions with no resources as well as one that can adjust and scale where resources are available. Promote the participants in the programs to make them more successful. Promote our own programs to improve and expand. Plan for selfsustainability.


Although its company results are impressive, the business discovery program focuses on individuals rather than companies. Its participants benefit from improved execution abilities aspects outside of entrepreneurship. The program is grass roots participant driven with less emphasis on mentors. It benefits all entrepreneurs not just those with high growth businesses.

A Quatere Cohort is not an incubator in that it does not provide physical space and is not an accelerator in that it is careful not to have entrepreneurs accelerate unproven businesses. Quatere, Quatere Cohort programs, their participants and participant’s companies are more efficient than their peers and reach product market fit, acquiring customers and reaching profitability, with less capital.

Quatere is a nonprofit and neither charges fees, nor does it provide capital, take equity or hold debt positions with its participants.